White Dog


This is a white whisky which appears under a different name in different corners of the world. The tradition behind our White Dog, produced specially for you Dear Customer, stems from the time of prohibition and the result is a newly born whisky which has not yet managed to bond with the barrel and which becomes a real whisky only after a minimum of 3 years of aging.

White Dog is a product created from an old recipe, greatly appreciated by those adept in the art of mixology. This recipe is the beginning of many things to come and it is therefore a pleasure to experience the taste of this beverage, which could yet become a fine whisky.

Onto your table Dear Customer, will our White Dog appear, created from the highest quality rye extracts. The family distillery oversees the traditional distillation process which takes place in a copper alembic.

The finished product envelopes a wide bouquet of flavours, starting with sweet honey and a hint chocolate, progressing onto a slight smoky taste, resulting from the smoked extract. White Dog from our distillery is mild and smooth, sweet at the beginning and somewhat sharp at the end.