Our company

Dear Customer, you have found yourself in the very heart of our distillery. It is right here that the beverages on offer from us are created.

And this is how it all began...
Our ancestry stems, Dear Customer, from the region surrounding Nidzica, and please, Dear Customer, be aware that this region boasts a long list of rare and protected plants, and many species of birds which nest in these grounds. The wealth of nature in our region can be bestowed on the lack of pollution generally created by the civilised world. It is even rumored that this is one of the cleanest regions in the whole of Poland. Such a wondrous natural habitat provides us with all the ingredients necessary to prepare our excellent alcoholic beverages, and if a certain recipe requires an ingredient that does not exist in our wilderness, we of course search for it in similarly natural surroundings.

Our family legally registered the company and it officially came into being in 2005 and since then we have, without hesitation, been increasing the range of exquisite liquors on offer to our customers by constantly adding new varieties and flavours

And the word on the street keeps affirming our uniqueness...
As you may know, our cordials and other varieties of liquors provide many wonderful sensations – a feast to both the taste buds and the eyes. And this is also why, Dear Customer, in order to maintain the quality of our products, we use:

  • The finest raw materials, which are free from conservatives, colourings and other additives,
  • tried and tested recipes which contain the hidden secrets of our unique and sumptuous products
  • a unique production process, which right from the malting of the grain, through to fermentation, and finally to the final distillation process and rest period, takes places in our very own distillery.

And so Dear Customer, all our liquors are produced through the use of a traditional copper alembic, which is not without significance for the resulting exquisite aroma and taste.

Our products, dressed in sophisticated packaging, make their way to various elegant outlets in order to finally guest themselves in your home and on your table.

And now we can only but share our wider recognition... 
Our family is considering the introduction of yet more liquors and this is all down to you Dear Customer, who values the original image of the brand as well as the unrivaled and unrepeatable quality of the specific beverages themselves.

We receive positive feedback and recognition from across the country, from our customers and from the word on the street.

  • Awarded Gold and Silver medals in a competition organised by the Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago in 2008
  • Distinction for the brand in the „Find of 2010” category in the „Laur Konsumenta” Awards

Behind the success stand the people...
This family creates flavour! There is no doubt that the success is theirs:

Zbigniew Kozuba
Everyday the Big Boss personally presides over each stage of the production process in the distillery. A biochemist by trade, he studied at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

Maciej Kozuba
A specialist in marketing and sales, a law graduate from Warsaw University and the holder of a CEMBA (Canadian Executive MBA).

Jakub Kozuba
Oversees the finances of the business and works at strengthening the market position of the distillery. He does this through the quality control systems, which generally increase profit margins. He graduated with a degree in Quality Management from the Leon Koźminksi Academy in Warsaw.

And all these steps Dear Customer
are taken with your satisfaction in mind!
We value the trust you carry in our
products and wish to fulfill your
greatest expectations.